Wednesday, March 24

obsessions of the day

the avett brothers cd I finally bought and downloaded, I and Love and You. Incredible. Everything I love in music - dance-able, deep and witty lyrics, acoustic instruments, southern accents, killer harmonies and punk sensibility (they scream a little, love it!). They even have a song about falling in love called Kick Drum Heart, it made me swoon a little.

browsing random people's fashion blogs. like here and here.
maybe i'm getting too into project runway? Or just on a heeled knee-high boots over jeans and down-coat overload and seeking some visual style stimulus. that's pretty much all you see here from Novemeber until April because no one ever takes their coats off.

the imperial diced chicken (lit. translation) dish from the restaurant that is literally right downstairs. I mean literally - the kitchen has a door into our elevator lobby. It was so good tonight for dinner - being hungry sure helps, but man, it was tasty! You might have had this dish on the other side of the pond under the alias of kong pao chicken. But believe you me - you've never had it like this - heavy on the peanuts and featuring a sauce made from pickled red chilies and a ton of ginger. yum!

ok, that's all for now. signing off.

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