Monday, March 22

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At a recent group hang out at our favorite Irish pub in town, Justin asked everyone to respond with two life goals: the first to accomplish within the next two to five years, and the second by the time we reach 50(ish). My answer to the first was to start my own garden and grow some veggies! To the second, it was to get a masters, eventually. But that one is far less fleshed out and for another post.

I believe that a kitchen garden could be feasible even within a city context, but don't quite have the gumption to try my black thumbs at anything more than small potted herbs in our apartment here. (3 mint plants down already. But I do have a thriving lavender plant going right now!)

However, while I haven't done anything drastic yet to try and realize my 'foodie/green/I'm young and rediscovering how cool farming is' aspirations in Asia, I wile away the time reading about such topics. And eating amazing food, available everywhere, freshly made with (to the best of my knowledge) mostly locally grown produce (albeit, definitely not organic, but I take what I can get) for cheap prices. Eating is definitely one of the best things about where we live. There is literally a whole world of food that my eyes have been opened to since living here. And none of it can be microwaved.

Anyways, you can imagine, given all this latent Asian food love/locavore obsession thing I've got going on, how happy I was to find several of my favorite topics all featured in a recent New Yorker article I just read on my Kindle. (Thanks Stephen!) Not only was the article about foodie die hards, so into eating they'll follow a chef around not only restaurant changes within a city but between several states, it also featured other favs of mine: spicy Asian cuisine and Charlottesville, Va. All in one article. (It even started in Fairfax.)

In other realms of food for thought, I also read this article today from the NYT. I thought it brought up a lot of interesting ideas and trends. Any responses?(to pique your palate - the article is titled: The Femivore's Dilemma)

p.s. Although it may seem incongruent, the photo is indeed of me eating a hot-and-now krispy kreme donut. Seriously, they're good. Especially when it's the first of its kind to open over here. It made me proud to be an American.

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  1. Lo - I hope Justin told you that we are official members of a CSA, beginning with June delivery of our first box of herbs and veggies. I am looking forward to the challenge of preparing what is in the box (and therefore in season), rather than what I see on sale at the grocery store. Thanks for the link to the NYT article. Loved reading it. Here's my favorite quote:

    "transforming the definition of homemaker to one that’s more about soil than dirt, fresh air than air freshener. Their vehicle for children’s enrichment goes well beyond a ride to the next math tutoring session. "
    Wish I had contemplated this more when I first embarked on my homemaker status - it's an exciting frontier!