Sunday, October 11

Welcome (or It's Not a Blog Divorce)

Lately, I'm really into alternative titles. Perhaps the preference can be traced back to a nascent love for Sufjan Steven's iconic titulars. Perhaps I just like keeping my options open.

Which - it turns out - is exactly what this blog post is supposed to be about. Several months ago I decided to start my own blog, instead of sharing (a more beautifully designed and picture-filled, i might add) one with Justin. As per his first reaction to my proposal of a blog-split, he was worried, what might people think? All's not well in Earley-ville?

But really this is a 'marriage of convenience'-type decision. Due to my mac being older than Justin's Apple-gifted one (that's a story for another post, if you haven't heard it), I lacked the necessary software to update and post to our website. Although this never posed too long of a delay - it did delay my spur-of-the-moment boldness in posting, or alternatively, the process of emailing a draft over often prompted a second-thought and eventual giving-up on the validity of a chosen topic when compared with my husband's great writing and expansively chosen post topics. But, alas, I still felt the desire for a creative, analytical, intellectual and written verbal processing outlet. I needed a place to write - which would prompt such explorations - a place with more options, more access to the instant gratification of real-time posting. I needed my own blog.

So here you are. Reading my new, singular blog. Hope you enjoy it!

p.s. all is well, great in fact, in Earley-ville, if you were still left wondering.


  1. Congratulations to Lauren for striking a blow to the oppression of the solidarity doctrine. She goes her own way, and I for one salute her endeavor. No need to justify this with details about computer capabilities. Basically, the content you are striving for is obviously a notch above, and that in itself will justify the separation of blogs.

    As for those who may question this path - I know you are out there - perhaps those who would challenge with questions such as "So Lauren, what's next? Separate Skype? Separate trips to Costco? Separate vacations?? Separate lakehouses???" I say to you - "Ask not what Lauren's blog can do for you. Ask what you can do for Lauren's blog"

    Cynthia, in the role of matriach

  2. Lo, I also love alternate titles. So fun!

  3. lauren, this is awesome, and i love your mother-in-law's comment above...LOL! :) happy blogging! - grace c.